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Effective & Safe Mosquito Control in Shreveport & Bossier

Lawnmasters Removes Mosquitoes

Unwanted pests are an annoying but inescapable part of life. A swarm of pesky mosquitoes bothering your customers poses a problem that must be dealt with as soon as possible. Lawnmasters can offer fast, effective, and safe pest control solutions if your busy life has been interrupted by these unpleasant critters. Not only can we insect-proof your property, but we can also ensure that your outdoor event goes smoothly and that no uninvited guests bother your friends, family, customers, or clients.

The Lawnmasters Mosquito Solution

When dealing with mosquitoes, the most effective method of elimination involves stopping the pests at their source. Lawnmasters makes use of a power technique to control the surrounding mosquito populations rather than simply trying to drive a portion of them away.

Our method of mosquito removal follows these steps to keep you bug-free:

  • A natural treatment is applied to the area, significantly cutting the population of mosquitos at their sources. This is done without the use of harmful chemicals.
  • Areas where mosquitos can retreat and breed are located and improved to discourage their presence.
  • Over the following weeks, an effective but environmentally safe insecticide is applied in strategic locations. The specially formulated solution is strong enough to eliminate pests, and also leaves welcome insects such as butterflies, ladybugs, and bees unharmed.
  • We return at periodic intervals to strengthen the treatment and keep the area mosquito-free for good.

In addition, if you are preparing for a big event such as a wedding or garden party, be sure to reach out to us and schedule a treatment at least several days beforehand. With the right preparation, your guests won’t have to deal with swatting at irritating mosquitos. The treatment is scentless and safe, works day and night, and will successfully deter bugs from getting to food.

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